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"shareable little bites"

grilled garlic bread, roasted peppers agro-dolce, soft goat cheese 8.
mozzarella in carrozza,
the original mozzarella & anchovy "sticks"...Neopolitan pizza sauce 8.
candied pistachios, Mediterranean honey, oregano 11.
olive miste,
mixed italian olives, citrus-rosemary marinade 6.
Nonna's meatballs, tomato ragu' 10.
potato and sweet pea croquettes, peperonata aioli 6.
braised kale, roasted tomato, sunnyside egg on large crostino 9.
grilled, marinated zucchini salad, pecorino aioli 9.
baby octopus, "drowned" in red wine tomato sauce, crostini 12.
arancini Costa Azzurra
mini risotto cakes Riviera style, fennel salad, saffron aioli 10.
fritto misto
fried calamari, zucchini sticks, crispy candied lemon, hot sauce 12.
zuppa del giorno
chef's soup of the day.


organic greens, caramelized onions, oven-dried tomatoes, red wine vinaigrette 10.

cacio e pepe,
arugula, shaved celery hearts, pecorino,
cracked black pepper, lemon dressing 11.

Magna Grecia
roasted beets, Greek yogurt dressing, mint,
crushed hazelnuts, field greens 12.

tre formaggi,
daily selection of three cheeses 15.

All pasta is made in house.

gnocchi a' Sorrentina
potato dumplings, smoked mozz., tomato-cream sauce 13. / 24.

a pummarola
tufoli pasta, San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil, grana 11. / 19.

ravioli con "l'altro pesto"
ravioli with the other "pesto", creamy walnuts & garlic pesto, charred radicchio 13. / 24.

spaghetti co' vongole
baby clams, white wine, parsley, garlic, peperoncino 14. / 26.

scampi risotto
fresh North Atlantic shrimp, cherry tomatoes, garlic, parsley 15. / 28.

'a bolognese
tagliatelle with il Casale's traditional meat sauce 14. / 26.

"chitarra" 'o tartufo e pecorino
"guitar string" pasta, truffle tapenade, truffled caciotta cheese 15. / 28.

a' Parmigiana
eggplant parmigiana layered with tomato, basil, mozzarella di bufala 12. / 22.

lasagna classica
light meat ragu, bechamel, ricotta, basil, grana 13. / 24.


carne (meat)

pollo dijonnaise
organic Giannone half-roast chicken,
dijon, sweet potato cake, mustard greens 25.

pork tenderloin wrapped with speck & sage,
braised kale, toasted polenta 26.

dalla brace*
chef's cut of the day / market price

pollo marsala
chicken breast scallopine,
marsala butter sauce, mushrooms, broccoli rabe 24.

pesce (seafood)

native cod poached in rosemary broth,
mushrooms, savoy cabbage, fingerlings 27.

grilled branzino filet,
Sicilian fennel slaw, crispy smashed potatos 29.

salmon nord-sud
pan roasted salmon filet,
horseradish-pistachio crust, pancetta & beet Triestine 26.

dal mercato*
catch of the day / *market price

The Amalfi (family style dinner)

ask us about doing an inclusive, traditional, family style menu
~ 55 per person

Before placing your order, please inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy.

* These items may be cooked to order and/or served raw or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meat, fish, and poultry or eggs increases your risk of foodbourne illness.

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